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‘Information Packages’ containing titles relevant to a specific area of interest.

20% cheaper than individual titles

Green Cleaning

Safe, easy-to-follow suggestions and alternatives for commercial cleaning products.  All environmentally friendly.

10 Booklets: No. 23 Green Cleaning, No. 24 Back-to-Basics Cleaning, No. 9 Amazing Bi-carb, No.10 The Humble Lemon, No. 5 Homemade Polishes and Cleaners, No. 33 Versatile Vinegar, No. 51 Uses for Eucalyptus Oil, No. 50 Recycling Soap, No. 47 Making the Most of Your Soap-saver, No. 59 Caring for Natural Woods & Fibres.     Price: $69.00  (Available for instant download)    ADD TO CART

Natural Skin Care

All you need to know for safe, effective and affordable skin care

5 Booklets: No. 30 Natural Skin Care, No. 13 Making Simple Salves and Creams, No. 26 Beautiful Hands, No. 58 Old-time Oatmeal, No. 37 Beautiful Baths.     Price: $39.00    (Available for instant download)    ADD TO CART


Basic soap-making technique (with numerous recipe variations) plus many other uses for a simple bar of soap or soap scraps.

4 Booklets: No. 3 Simple Soap-Making, No. 25 More Soap-Making Recipes, No. 50 Recycling Soap, No. 47 Making the Most of Your Soap-saver   Price $33.00   (Available for instant download)    ADD TO CART


Beeswax is a natural product with a multitude of uses, including as a sealant, polish and emulsifying agent in skin care products.

5 Booklets: No. 4 Making Beeswax Products, No. 5  Homemade Cleaners and Polishes, No. 59 Caring for Natural Woods & Fibres, No. 30 Natural Skin Care, No. 13 Simple Salves & Creams.     Price: $39.00  (Available for instant download)   ADD TO CART

Natural Body Care

Safe and chemical free alternatives for: hair-care, hair dyes and colours, deodorants, foot and teeth care.

5 Booklets: No. 1 Homemade Toothpastes & Mouthwashes, No. 2 Recipes for Homemade Deodorants, No.14 Natural Hair Care, No. 27 Fantastic Feet, No. 71 Natural Hair Colours & Dyes.  Price: $39.00    (Available for instant download)    ADD TO CART

Backyard Self-Sufficiency

Resourceful and environmentally responsible ways in the garden and back-yard - recycling, composting, natural sprays & companion planting, successful vegetable growing in containers.

6 booklets: No. 36 Recycling & Improvising in the Garden, No. 19 Composting for the Beginner, No. 21 Safe & Organic Sprays, No. 41 Keeping Hens, No. 67 Growing Vegetables in Containers,  No. 78 Companion Planting Guide.   Price: $42.00(Available for instant download)  ADD TO CART.

Environmentally-friendly Basics

6 common household products – Bicarb Soda, Vinegar, Lemon, Eucalyptus Oil, Soap, Oatmeal - that have a multitude of safe, environmentally friendly uses around the home.  Very cost effective!

6 Booklets: No. 9 - Uses for Bi-carb Soda, No. 10 - Humble Lemon, No. 33 - Versatile Vinegar, No. 51 - Uses for Eucalyptus Oil, , No. 50 – Recycling Soap, No. 58 - Old-time Oatmeal.  Price: $42.00  (Available for instant download) ADD TO CART

Chemical Free Options

Safe and chemical free alternatives for many common household products.

7 Booklets: No. 4 – Making Beeswax Products, No. 6 – Making Whitewash, No. 20 – Natural Insect Repellents, No. 18 – Homemade Glues, Pastes & Putties, No. 75 – Natural Colours and Dyes,  No. 55 – Handyman Hints, No. 35 – Natural Pet Care. Price: $59.00  (Available for instant download)  ADD TO CART

Practical Plants

Resourceful and practical ways to utilise common garden plants - such as distillation of essential oils, making perfumes and fragrant oils, floral waters, herbal vinegars and much more.

Contains 3 Booklets: No. 7 – Herbal Vinegar, No. 45 – Home Distillation of Flowers and Plants, No. 61 – Harnessing Herbs.  Price: $24.00  (Available for instant download)  ADD TO CART

Practical Kitchen Skills

Kitchen skills of times past – for making butter, bread, yoghurt and cheese.

Contains 4 booklets: No. 11 - Making Butter, No. 29 – Making Bread, No. 60 - Making Yoghurt, No. 62 - Making Cheese.  Price: $24.00  (Available for instant download) ADD TO CART

Old Time Kitchen Skills – Preserving

Preserving techniques of the past that transformed food into flavour-some options for long-term keeping – including preserving with recycled jars, homemade sauces and beverages, numerous methods for preserving fruit (jams, conserves, syrups, cordials, fruit cheese, crystallizing, etc.) and old-time methods for storage so that food maintained freshness for maximum duration.

Contains 6 Booklets:   No. 46 – Preserving Without a Preserving Outfit, No. 52 - Salubrious Sauces, No. 49 - Bringing Back the Beverage,  No. 72 - Drying Food, No. 73 – Food Storage Techniques, No. 74 – Ways with Fruit.   Price: $42.00  (Available for instant download) ADD TO CART

Old Time Kitchen Skills – Improvisation

Practical money saving options for every household -  general improvising in the kitchen, alternative uses for eggs, make-your-own spice blends, breakfast cereals, coffee alternatives, natural sweeteners and the many uses for stale bread.

8 Booklets: No. 12 Improvising in the Kitchen,  No. 42 – Eggstatic!, No. 53 Homemade Spice Mixes, No. 54 – International Meals on a Budget, No. 70 Homemade Breakfast Cereals, No. 64 – Coffee Alternatives, No. 65 – Natural Sweeteners, No. 80 – Using Stale Bread.   Price: $69.00  (Available for instant download) ADD TO CART

Recycling for the Planet

Packed full of lots of resourceful and clever ideas that will save $$$’s and aid the planet!

8 Booklets: No. 15 – 60 Ways to Recycle a Tin Can, No. 16 – Waste Not Want Not. No. 17 – Home Paper-Making, No. 31 – 50 Ways to Recycle Newspaper, No. 32 – Home-Made Envelopes & Other Paper Projects, No. 48 – 60 Ways to Recycle Plastic Supermarket Carry Bags, No. 63 – Making Play-toys from Recycled Materials, No. 77 – Recycling Rags.     Price: $69.00  (Available for instant download) ADD TO CART

Natural Air fresheners & Deodorisers

Safe, chemical free alternatives to fit everyone’s budget!

5 Booklets:  No. 8 – Uses for Essential Oils,  No. 22 - Air freshener & Deodoriser Substitutes, No. 34 – Practical Candle-making, No. 38 - Sweet Scents, No. 57 - Home-made Incense    Price: $39.00  (Available for instant download) ADD TO CART

Self-Sufficiency Skills

Basic survival skills & back-to-the-basics

6 Booklets: No. 3 – Simple Soap-Making, No. 25 – More Soap-Making Recipes, No. 28 Home Flour Grinding, No. 40 – Surviving the Hard Times, No. 44 – Home Hair-dressing, No. 56 – Lamp Lore   Price: $49.00  (Available for instant download) ADD TO CART

Practical Gifts & Crafts

6 Booklets: No. 43 – Practical Gifts to Make, No. 39 – Flower Pressing, No. 66 – Back-to-Basics Pottery, No. 67 – Gift Giving with a Difference, No. 68 – Ways with Wool, No. 69 – Simple Basketry  Price: $42.00  (Available for instant download)  ADD TO CART

‘Ways With’ Booklets

Utilizing what’s in your garden to the absolute fullest.  You’ll be surprised at the many hidden uses for popular herbs, flowers & produce growing right near your back door!

10 titles covering aspects of personal care, cosmetic, health and healing, culinary, cultivation, in the garden, and other uses – lots of useful information and recipes!    ‘Ways With’ – Mint, Parsley, Tomatoes, Lavender, Roses, Zucchini, Rosemary, Thyme, Nasturtiums, Sage.  Price: $96.00  (Available for instant download)  ADD TO CART

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How to Purchase all 80 Booklets

The following 13 Booklet Sets contain one of each title (except No. 79 – Natural Baby Body Care):

Green Cleaning (10 booklets) – Natural Skin Care (5 booklets) – Body Care (5 booklets) – Backyard Self-Sufficiency (6 booklets) – Chemical-free Options (7 booklets) – Practical Kitchen Skills (4 booklets) – Old Time Kitchen Skills – Preserving  (6 booklets) – Old Time Kitchen SkillsImprovisation (8 booklets) – Recycling for the Planet (8 booklets)  – Natural Air Fresheners & Deodorisers (4 booklets) – Practical Plants (3 booklets) – Self-Sufficiency Skills (6 Booklets) – Practical Gifts & Crafts (7 booklets) = 79 booklets (Total Cost: $606.00). No. 79 – Natural Baby Body Care – FREE (normally $12.00) when purchasing all of the above booklet sets. Email: pam@theshoppe.com.au after downloading all 13 booklet sets for your free booklet.  (Ways With Booklet Set – 10 booklets – is an additional set to be purchased separately).