Basic Household Alternatives

3. Ess. Household Altern. (1)

Some basic household items are ‘essentials’ for every household because they have innumerable uses, are cost effective, easily accessible (from the home or supermarket), safe to use, plus very environmentally friendly.  They offer a great start to changing our lifestyle for the betterment of the planet.


Uses: White: Cleaning, Disinfecting, Deodorising, Anti-bacterial agent, Culinary, Insect Repellent, Preservative   Cider: Hair conditioner, Skin astringent, Personal Deodorant, Therapeutic Uses.     Location: Supermarket   (Tip: Cheaper if purchased in bulk. Use cheaper vinegar for cleaning &  more expensive cider vinegar for personal use).

e-Booklet Source: No. 33 Versatile Vinegar (includes how to make vinegar), No. 23 Green Cleaning, No. 22 Home-made Air fresheners, No. 30 Natural Skin Care, No. 2 Homemade Deodorants.  Click here for information about e-booklets

Bicarbonate Soda

Uses: Abrasive Cleaner, Deodoriser, Whitener, Stain Removal, Teeth cleaner.  Location: Supermarket (Tip: It’s much cheaper from bulk supply stores).

e-Booklet Source: No. 9 Amazing Bicarb!, No. 23 Green Cleaning, No. 1 Homemade Teeth Cleaners, No. 12 How to Make Do.   Click here for information about e-booklets

Pure Soap (bar of soap)5. Green Cleaning (4)

Uses: Cleaning/Cleaning Products, Personal Cleaning, Garden Spray (insect repellent), Deodorising, General Household Use. Location: Supermarket and other retail outlets.  (Tip: Any bar of soap will do. Choose soap that best suites you & your budget)

e-Booklet Source: No. 50 Recycling Soap,  No. 23 Green Cleaning, No. 14 Natural Hair Care, No. 21 Safe Organic Sprays.   Click here for information about e-booklets


Uses: Mild abrasive cleaner, Skin Cleanser, Water Softener, Culinary, Hair-care, Soap alternative. Location: Some supermarkets or health-food shop   (Tip: Grind rolled oats in food-processor for a cheaper alternative)

e-Booklet Source: No. 58 Old-time Oatmeal, No. 30 Natural Skin Care.   Click here for information about e-booklets

Herbs 7. WW. Herbs (1)

(examples of common herbs: rosemary, thyme, sage, parsley, lavender)

Uses: Skin care, Hair Care, Personal Deodorant, General Deodorising, Oral Care, Cleaning, Mild Disinfectant, Insect Repellent. Location: Garden, Supermarket, Greengrocer

e-Booklet Source: Ways With Rosemary, Ways With Thyme, Ways With Sage, Ways With Lavender, Ways With Parsley, Ways With Mint,  etc., No. 61 Harnessing Herbs, No. 45 Home Distillation.     Click here for information about e-booklets


Uses: Personal Care Products, Deodorant, Talc alternative.   Location: Supermarket

e-Booklet Source: No. 2 Homemade Deodorants   Click here for information about e-booklets

Eucalyptus Oil

Uses: Stain removal, Deodorising, Disinfecting, Cleaning, Therapeutic, Insect Repellent.  Location: Supermarket or health-food shop

e-Booklet Source: No. 51 Uses for Eucalyptus Oil, No. 23 Green Cleaning,  Click here for information about e-booklets

Beeswax/Honeyl 011

Uses: Emulsifying/healing agent (for skin creams & products), Sealant, Preservative, Polish. Therapeutic. Location: Honey: Supermarket/Health-food Shop (raw honey is best).  Beeswax: Beekeepers. Specialty shops or The Self-Sufficiency Shoppe

e-Booklet Source: No. 4 Making Beeswax Products, No. 13 Making Simple Salves & Creams.    Click here for information about e-booklets


Uses: Abrasive Cleaner, Disinfectant, Soot remover.  Location: Supermarket

e-Booklet Source: No. 24 Back-to-Basics Cleaning.    Also: Booklets No. 59, 37  Click here for information about e-booklets


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