Become a Shoppe-Keeper

NOTE: Sorry but The Shoppe Products are temporarily unavailable but will be back on sale soon: Pam – The Shoppe

Shoppe-Keeper Kit

Help promote ‘using alternatives’ by showing others how easy it is!

Help change the future of the planet by encouraging responsible consumerism.

The ‘Shoppe-Keeper Kit’ has all the resources and information to make the job easier.–

Contains a range of Shoppe products, information sheets and promotional material.

- All product recipes are available on the accompanying recipe/information sheets.

- Use the products for yourself or as examples to show others how the product looks, feels and smells.

- Sell both the products and Recipe/information sheets for extra income

- Or use as environmentally friendly gifts to encourage others to change or to show ways to save money on household items

Shoppe-keepers receive 20% discount (wholesale prices) on future orders.


Kit contains:

  • 6 Packs – Green Cleaning, Hair & Body Products, Natural Skin Care, Rose Pamper Pack, Lavender Pamper Pack, Eco-Starter Pack.
  • Range of best selling Shoppe Products (15 individual items): including: soap-jelly, lemon dish-washing soap, lavender carpet/room deodorising powder, heavy duty powder cleanser, lavender & rosemary hair shampoo, rose deodorant spray, chamomile body powder, sage tooth-powder, Foot powder, rose skin cream, beeswax lip salve.
  • Recipe/Information Sheets – 20 of the most popular titles (2 of each),
  • General stock items: 2 Oatmeal bags, 2 Beeswax (50g), Grated soap (50g), Oatmeal (150g).
  • Promotional material – including oatmeal samples, bicarb soda sample (with recipe), flyers and whole-sale re-order forms for replacement stock (Shoppe-keepers pay wholesale prices).

“I’d love to have you ‘on board’ to help me spread the word about the importance of ‘anti-consumerism’. If you would like more information about becoming a Shoppe-Keeper contact me.    Pam – The Shoppe

Shoppe-Keeper Kit price: $250.00 (plus $20 postage)

Download full list of stock click here: The Self-Sufficiency Shoppe Product Catalogue