Earth-Changes & You

Planet Earth is undergoing a significant shift in it’s flow of energy.  These types of events are called ‘Earth-changes’ and have been regular occurrences during the course of planetary evolution. We are at present in the early stages of one such earth-change – more is yet to come until the whole process of the shifting of the earth is complete.

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Understanding Earth-changes

The pattern of evolutionary change on earth and how it will affect the environment, humanity and other living beings.  Topics covered: About earth’s energies, Types of earth-changes, Basic principles of earth’s evolutionary pattern,  Pole-shifts, How will it effect life on earth, Magnetic field reversal, Humanity’s role during earth-changes, Correcting the imbalance (human evolutionary ‘transgressions’ on Earth), What of the future?    12 pages.    $12.00    ADD TO CART

Personal Change & the Planet

Our planet and humanity are undergoing preparations for an evolutionary shift.  As a result people are being drawn to areas of self-exploration and deeper understanding  about themselves and the planet.   It is crucial we change with the planet as it moves through it’s own path of change. Topics covered: What is evolution? Stages of personal change (awakening, inner change, transcending to the next level), Dealing with emotions as they arise, Benefits and outcome, How it effects those around us. Presented both in the form of practical information and personal experience.   13 pages.   $12.00    ADD TO CART

Coming soon – more publications about the planet, it’s change and you!


Earth’s Crimes Against the Universe- single page wall chart listing the evolutionary transgressions on Earth.   Free! Download Here

Journey’s End - A Wanderer’s Lament – Inspirational Poem. For those journeying along the path of personal change and awakening to the new energies of Earth.  Free!  Download Here

Pam’s Post

I established The Self-Sufficiency Shoppe because I believe that the most practical way to cope with the planetary changes ahead is to lessen our dependence on mass production and consumerism.  Our highly commercialised society is an interconnected web of imports, exports, consumer dependence and financial profiteering. Changes within that structure will obviously have a disruptive affect on our current lifestyle. My aim is to encourage people to become less dependent on what is available to them commercially and more able to fend for themselves by using practical alternatives. Not only is this better for you, but for the planet and for society as a whole.  It is my hope that we, as a community, will come together to support and share with each other for the betterment of the planet and all it’s living beings.     Pam Marshall – The Self-Sufficiency Shoppe

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