Natural Skin Care

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5 Basic Ingredients for Natural Skin Care

To Begin -  Healthy diet – lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and plenty of exercise in clear fresh air.

1.  Oatmeal

2.  Herbs

3.  Cider Vinegar

4.  Almond Oil

5.  Honey/Beeswax

That’s it!   These 5 simple ingredients are all you need to make: a facial scrub, mask, cleanser, astringent/toner & moisturizer.

Recipe: Oatmeal-Honey Facial Scrub:   Blend together:  4 teaspoons oatmeal, 1 tablespoon clear honey and juice of one lemon or water (for sensitive skin).  Apply to the face.  Massage in gentle circular motions for approximately 3-5 minutes.   Rinse off.      (From e-Booklets No. 30 - Natural Skin Care and No. 58 - Old-time Oatmealclick here for information about  e-booklets)


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Living in Harmony with the Planet Workshops

Natural Skin Care Workshop@Home

Make your own facial skin care products. Complete natural facial skin care regime (cleanser, astringent, moisturiser) using affordable, safe and environmentally friendly ingredients.

Recipes and procedures for making: Facial cleanser, facial scrub, oatmeal bag, herbal astringent, anti-bacterial astringent, herbal moisturiser in a jar, lip salve, coloured lip salve (lipstick), lavender hand cream, bath-salts.

The Basics: To make all the products in this workshop you’ll need: oatmeal, honey, herbs (from the garden), almond or grape-seed oil, cider vinegar, coconut oil, olive oil, beeswax, food flavouring & colouring, recycled jars.     32 pages of recipes, instructions and information Price: $25.00       Available for immediate download ADD TO CART


Pam (2)Pam’s Post

For my personal skin care I’ve been using oatmeal as a cleanser for some years. I use a small bag or handkerchief filled with oatmeal to clean my skin every evening before bedtime. It removes makeup and grime and leaves my skin soft – without the need to apply a moisturiser. One bagful of oatmeal will last 3-4 washes. I then replace the contents with fresh oatmeal. (Oatmeal is available from some health food stores or use rolled oats that have been ground or processed to finer consistency or The Self-Sufficiency Shoppe sells oatmeal). As a moisturiser I use my own homemade herbal (or rose) skin cream. It’s very easy to make – in a jar!  It’s part of the ‘Natural Skin Care’ Workshop – people are amazed at how simple and effective it is.  Only a very small amount is required so a homemade batch will last months – in fact I make moisturiser only about twice a year – so it’s not at all time consuming.    I like the fact that it is does not contain mineral oil (the base for nearly all commercial skin creams) and is made from completely natural and chemical free ingredients.  I use my own herbs from the garden (in either in the skin cream or oatmeal bag). My belief is: ‘Nature is the best healer’ – fresh garden plants will do as much, if not more, to heal the skin than expensive commercial products.

That’s all for my skin-care – I neither buy or use any other skin products. My skin is healthy and blemish free. People often comment that I have lovely clear skin – I often feel a bit guilty as I really do not put a lot of time, energy (or money) into my skin-care!

The Natural Skin Care Workshop is the most popular of all the workshops on offer.   A reflection of the significance of skin-care and cosmetics in society (and the influence of the cosmetic industry). In the workshop people bring a recycled jar for making herbal skin cream. Three basic ingredients (herbal infusion, almond oil and hot beeswax) are poured into the jar.  It is shaken vigorously to emulsify the mix. The end result is a lovely soft completely natural skin cream. The other product made during the ‘Skin-care workshop’ is beeswax lip salve – again, made with three simple ingredients: Olive oil, almond oil and beeswax.

- Pam Marshall