The Shoppe Products

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Welcome to the world of anti-consumerism!

New consumer products are created and manufactured every day to add to the array of hundreds of thousands of products already in retail outlets.

Every product takes precious resources from the planet – every new product takes even more resources.

It does not matter under which banner they are described – natural, ‘green’, good for you …. the bottom line is that it all ‘takes’ from the earth and drains what’s left for our future.

It has to stop somewhere. You, the ‘consumer’ have all the purchasing power to make that change.

Buy less consumer products – contribute less to the problems on earth – demand that ‘consumerism’ changes


The Self-Sufficiency Shoppe offers a range of products that are, quite simply, alternatives that can be used in place of complex commercial products.

So simple, in fact, are The Shoppe’s products that the consumer can easily create the same at home using easy-to-find ingredients. Therefore by-passing powerful consumerism and taking control of what is used in the home.

The advantages are many: Safer, less chemicals, respectful toward the earth and, of course, it’s much cheaper than what is offered commercially.

It’s a statement that things can change for betterment of family, environment and future.

All products contain just 3 or 4 easy to find ingredients.  What you see is what you get – there are no secrets – the recipes (and contents) are freely available so you can make it yourself if you so desire.

Just as unprocessed, natural, chemical free food is good for you – so it is with what we apply to our body and use in the home.

For full list of The Shoppe products and how to order download The Self-Sufficiency Shoppe Product Catalogue